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HYUNA | IG Update

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it shouldn’t surprise people that respecting a cat’s boundaries (i.e. ceasing to pet them after they paw at you) helps them trust you more

Bathbomb was dropped off at my apartment very abused and scared he hid in the bathtub for an entire 24hrs. he barely/if ever ate for about a week and didnt begin exploring the apartment until 3 weeks in

it was a month before he came up to me and it was hard but i sat kinda near him every day i would treat him like he was a new cat and let him smell me before trying to pet him and if he even looked uncomfortable id gently stop and just sing or talk to him

now he climbs on my back and jumps on my shoulder if i dont pay attention to him so it takes work and time

cats are like ppl and have triggers and quirks and trauma and we have to be respectful and gentle its not that hard of a concept

this is an Important Post but my favorite part is that your cat’s name is Bathbomb

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Back in middle school, my friends and I used a very simple coded language for writing secret messages. I saw some posts about needing to hide one’s beliefs from partners/bosses/parents so I wanted to share it with you! These would also be great to incorporate into sigils since they are simple lines and dots.

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So inspirational
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Jeśli chcesz, żeby wszystko zaczęło się w końcu układać musisz sama o to zadbać. Wyjaśnij wszystkie niejasne sytuacje, wyciągnij wnioski z błędów. Tylko w ten sposób będziesz mogła ruszyć do przodu. Nie pozwól przykuć się swoim lękom do jednego miejsca w życiu.
— brzmi jak dobry plan.
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*googles number i dont recognize calling me instead of answering*

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when you’re kissing a girl and pull back for a second just to take her in and can’t help but smile then she laughs a little and blushes before asking you “what?” except she’s just so damn beautiful that you can’t even begin  explaining to her how badly you ache for her lips and soul so you simply kiss her again.. yeah i want that right now

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W życiu warto mieć odwagę: Warto mówić “Dzień Dobry” obcym ludziom, warto zrobić sobie wstyd na oczach wszystkich ludzi, warto mieć przyjaciół i wrogów też warto mieć. Warto czasem nie wziąć parasola, gdy pada deszcz, warto nie doczytać książki i wrócić do niej po latach, warto pisać wiersze nawet te nie udane. Warto wskoczyć do jeziora w ubraniu, warto śmiać się na ulicy bez powodu, warto czasem niczego nie tłumaczyć. Warto udawać czasem głupków chociaż wiemy dobrze o co chodzi. Warto słuchać każdej muzyki, warto marzyć, warto zgubić się w obcym mieście, warto poznać nowych ludzi, i zapomnieć o starych znajomych, warto napisać list i go nigdy nie wysłać. Warto być realistą, pesymistą, optymistą. Warto zadzwonić o 1 w nocy do przyjaciółki i się wypłakać, warto pójść na samotny spacer, warto zapalić znicz na opuszczonym grobie. Warto żyć i nie pytać dlaczego.
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a reminder for nonasian people


you know… with this rise in interest in east asian culture and “aesthetics” over the past couple of years also comes with a rise in asian cultural appropriation… so for every nonasian out there who would consider themselves a fan of cutesy asian things or stuff like kpop or anime, you guys have an obligation to people of the culture you’re enjoying to be informed and educated about their struggles. it’s not right to love and consume cultures that’s not your own while ignoring the people who are part of them. read up on appropriation, the fetishisation and infantilisation of east asian women and desexualisation of asian men, whitewashing in media, xenophobia, the erasure of our achievements and the model minority myth. you owe it to us east asians to be educated on topics that concern us if you’re going to continue to consume media and content we make.

EDIT: if you’re nonasian please reblog this so that other nonasians can see it!!

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And I would hide my face in you and you would hide your face in me, and nobody would ever see us any more.
— Kafka (via funeralfaerie)
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